[Photo taken at 15 months of age.]



Wh:  27.10.2013

HIPS: 2.2     ELBOWS: 1- 0

Orivet Genetic DNA Analysis Report
(No Variant Detected)

CHOPS carries both black and yellow in his DNA.

CHOPS exudes Kadnook quality, with his pedigree featuring many wonderful proven lines bringing together some of Kadnook’s best dams.

With such an amazing pedigree it is no wonder that he has such natural working ability. To date he has had four starts in retrieving trials culminating in three Novice wins and a third placing. His wins were all by sizeable winning margins and gave him his Novice Retrieving Dog title.

CHOPS is a proven stud dog having sired many litters.

S:   Kadnook Totally Wild

    Hips: 3.3   Elbows: 0.0

 S:  Ch. Kadnook Wild And Free NRD S: RT.Ch.  Hollymanor Super Chief  [A]
D: Ch. Kadnook Golly Ms Molly
 D:   RT & FT.Ch. Kadnook Trish CM  S:  Ch. Kadnook The Rainbowchaser RRD
D: FT & RT.Ch. Kadnook Jades Joy
D: RT.Ch. Kadnook Dreams Edge

      Hips:  2.2   Elbows: 1.1

S:  Kadnook Spirit Of Lanark RRD S:  Kelvinhead Drop O’Scotch (IMP.UK.)
D: Kadnook Simply Fetching
 D:  GR.RT.Ch. Kadnook Dream Alil Dream  S: NTL & GR.RT.Ch. Kadnook Pride Ov  Cork CM
D:  Kadnook Echo The Dream