DOB : 06.04.2000

DIED: 13.08.2013

H/S: 3.3  E/S: 1.1

PRA – Carrier

EIC - Clear

This lovely dog lived up to his heritage. His father proved himself over and over again; his mother was a great winner in the show ring as well as successfully trialling. RAZ participated as primary hunting companion to Wayne upon the retirement of his father ‘Toss’. He celebrated his second birthday by gaining his show title; along the way he has won 2 Runner-up to Best in Group and numerous Best of Breed awards. In ‘Raz’s’ short trial career, at the  3 trials he attended late in 2002 he won a Beginners Test  & a Novice Stake and was placed a 2nd in a Novice and completed a Restricted Stake.

In 2003  ‘RAZ’ had 10 trial starts, in Novice he had 1 win, 3 seconds and a third, and he won a Restricted at the last trial of the year. He now has a 98% finishing rate and a 50% placing rate.

He was a real pleasure to live with and gave his all. His litter mates, RET.TR.CH.KADNOOK MY MCGREGOR & RET.TR.CH.KADNOOK RUSTY NAILS, were both trialling regularly with success.

RAZ’S lovely son, CH.WATSANAME TRAMONTO (Scoop) has gained his show title and has contributed to the breeding program as has KADNOOK TOTALLY WILD (Toby) another ‘RAZ’ son.  When mated to KADNOOK BELIEVE IN DREAMS, RAZ produced a litter of 10 which went on to become the first graduated and accredited Autism Assistance dogs in Australia. Upon retirement, ‘RAZ’ lived with Kelly Stephens, Head Trainer at RPA, and fulfilled his third role in life by helping train Autism Assistance Dogs and introduce family’s to the benefits of Assistance dogs.

RAZ and Kelly
Labrador love is this special


This truly functional dog was thoughtfully bred to be a dual purpose Labrador Retriever, meeting the requirements of the courageous and sagacious working retriever who is a team member, keen to please and cooperative with his partner, the hunter, yet also meeting the standard of this very special breed in the area of breed type and temperament, exhibiting the unique characteristics of the Labrador Retriever.

His sire, R.T.Ch Hollymanor Superchief (Toss), was a proven and talented working gundog, bred in the purple from an American bred female who carried great USA working lines, and the outstanding homebred dog, Triple Ch. Kadnook The Prophet.  ‘Toss’ was a very successful trial dog over many years, having competed and succeeded at the highest level of competition, including runner up in the Australian National Retrieving Trial Championships.  His dam, Aust Ch. Kadnook Golly Ms Molly, was sired by R.T.Ch. Tesrose Raz N.F.D (also a ‘Prophet son) from  the amazing producing bitch Kadnook Chasers Gold.  ‘Molly’ was a consistent winner in the show ring as well as successfully trialling, she had produced excellent stock in previous matings, this was to be her last litter and so a decision was made to repeat the mating to ‘Toss’, her first litter to him being impressive.

The litter was whelped on 6th April 2000, it contained 4 yellow males and 1 yellow female, (RT CH KADNOOK RUSTY NAILS )‘Rusty’, who was also a successful trial dog as was his litter brother RT CH KADNOOK MY MCGREGOR (Mac). ‘Raz’ appealed from the start as he was very like his maternal grandfather, R.T.Ch.Tesrose Raz N.F.D., one of the best and most consistent working gundogs of his time, hence he was named ‘Little Raz’, officially KADNOOK WILD AND FREE, with the ‘Little’ dropped as he grew into the strong, substantial worker he proved to be.

His training started at 7 weeks and he showed from the start that he was a keen and committed retriever, hard going and determined to affect his retrieve as quickly as possible. He was a great team member, eager for a word of praise from the ‘boss’ and always looking for ways to please, thus making him a pleasure to work with.

After overcoming a persistent injury as a puppy, his trial career began on 6th May 2001 when he competed in a Beginners Test and acquitted himself very well and was placed 2nd. He followed up with 2 Novice starts in August 2001 and then he took time out to compete in the showring while Wayne prepared for and judged the National Championships in October 2001.

 ‘Raz’ was very successful and won 2 Runner/up to Best in Group and Best of Breed awards during his short time in the show ring, gaining his Show Championship on his 2nd birthday. In the mean time he was working at being primary hunting companion to Wayne  and he acquitted himself very well at his first duck opening in 2002, as he gained invaluable experience in the field, working different species of game. This served to round out his education as both a gundog and a trial dog.

He then started some solid training for his serious trialling to re commence and he competed in 7 trials in 2002, winning a Beginners Test and a Novice Stake and placing 2nd in 2 other Novices. In 2003 he competed in 10 trials, he won 1 Novice, placed in four others and won a Restricted Stake.

He then moved into a new career and he was a  Canine Assessment Officer at Righteous Pups Australia, where he provided the family assessment with a dog’s point of view.

During this time he produced several litters. His son’s KADNOOK TOTALLY WILD, (Toby), and CH.WATSANAME TRAMONTO (Scoop) trained along nicely to follow in their father’s paws.

‘RAZ’S’ was highly trainable with a lovely biddable nature that made him a pleasure to work with. He was the epitome of the all round dual purpose Labrador and his progeny showed all the breed qualities one could hope for. They were sound in mind and body and typical of this special breed. We are very fortunate to share our lives with this wonderful dog and appreciate the privilege, he was a pleasure to live with.



     H/S: 1.1  E/S: 0.0

S: Tri.Ch. Kadnook The Prophet CM

S: Strangways Statesman

D: Ch  Kadnook The Silhouette

D: Lucy’s Little Polly (Imp.USA)

S: NFC/AFC. Jubilashus T C Malarky

D: Double Trouble XII


         H/S: 8.9  E/S: 0.0

S: RT.Ch. Tesrose Raz NFD

S: Tri.Ch. Kadnook The Prophet CM

D: RT.Ch. Tesrose Koko

D: Kadnook Chasers Gold

S: Ch. Kadnook The Rainbochaser RRD

D: Kadnook The Entertaina


RAZ - 11 years old