DOB – 28.04.07
HIPS: 4.4  ELBOWS: 0.0
Orivet Genetic DNA Analysis Report
(No Variant Detected)

Here he is, SCOT, the combination of our two Scottish imports, MONTY and GROUSE. His name acknowledges the home of both his father and grandfather who were bred by Ron Montgomery in Lanark, Scotland.

WOW what a dog! The only survivor from a litter of five delivered by emergency caesarean from KADNOOK SIMPLY FETCHING (Winnie), sister of RT CH KADNOOK COUNTRY LADD and dam of KADNOOK SIMPLY WRAPT NRD (Jake), RT CH. KADNOOK SPORTING CHANCE (Jock) and KADNOOK RIVER COUNTRY RRD (Riv).

He has thrived since his delivery and is such an amazing character, exhibiting all the qualities of his heritage. He has huge drive, is equally at home in the water as on land, has a wonderful nose, an enormous will to please and learns so quickly it is scary because he is so focused. He has run in 17 Retrieving Trials to date and has and won at both Novice and Restricted level, and finished 14 times, gaining 12 placings.

He has been screened for hereditary disease and is a proven stud dog.

A very athletic dog who loves to retrieve and has a big open gait making his work effortless. His temperament is to die for. If we can fill the kennel with his ilk we will.

(Photos taken at 18 weeks & 26 months of age)

S: Kelvinhead Drop O’ Scotch



       H/S:  2.2  E/S:  0.0

         OptiGen - Carrier

             EIC - Clear

S: FT.Ch. Bracken of Berrybrae

S: Jacob Bogdani of Leadburn

D: Amythist Mist

D: Tintohill Dee

S: Eng.F.T.Ch.Symington Clarerone of Leadburn

D: Castleside Jilly

D: Kadnook Simply Fetching


        H/S: 4.2  E/S: 0.1

          OptiGen – Clear

S: Kelvinhead Kadnook Clyde


S Raughlin Roland of Kelvinhead

D: Kelvinhead Camilla

D:Ch. Kadnook Simply Awonder

S: Kadnook The Blaknight

D: Ch. Kadnook How I Wonder