Welcome to the home page of KADNOOK LABRADORS, we would like to introduce ourselves, Wayne and the late Jill Poholke. We are very proud of this very versatile bloodline, now proven prepotent over 40 years, and its’ successes in so many areas of Labrador endeavour.

Wayne has always worked the dogs as a hunter. He has trialed successfully as well as having previously been a busy ANKC Judge of Retrieving trials.

Jill’s primary interest was as a breeder, handler and full time carer of the dogs. Jill passed away March 2013 after losing her five year battle with breast cancer.

We are proud of the record of achievements of the dogs we have bred and owned, we are delighted by the amazing KADNOOKS which include:

                   7 Grand Retrieving Trial Champions

                   1 Grand Champion [Show]

                   112 Show Champions, plus

                   19 outside Show Champions titled by Kadnook

                   22 Retrieving Trial Champions, plus

                   4 outside Retrieving Trial Champions titled by Kadnook

                   3 National Retrieving Trial Champions

                   5 Field Trial Champions

                   8 Tracking Champions

                   5 Obedience Trial Champions

                   1 Triple Champion [Show, Field & Retrieving]

                   2 Dual Champions [Show & Retrieving]

as well as many multi titled dogs and bitches that reinforce our commitment to the Dual Purpose Labrador. This focus led to the importation of two working bred dogs from Scotland, the home of the Labrador as a gundog. KELVINHEAD KADNOOK CLYDE (Imp.UK) (Monty) in 1990 and KELVINHEAD DROP O’ SCOTCH (Imp.UK) (Grouse) in 2001.

The importance of all the wonderful companions that have been produced from this bloodline cannot be underestimated. Our commitment to soundness and temperament has ensured the Kadnook’s have developed into magnificent family members, working as companions and assisting with all the duties that fall on a family dog, helping mind the children, sleeping on beds, fetching all things not nailed down and keeping up the reputation of the Labrador Retriever as the perfect family dog.